Secplugs Python Kit

Ready to use scripts, tools and examples written in Python.

A Secplugs powered, pip installable Python module.

The this code is open source so you can modify as you wish.


What is the Python Kit?

A set of samples and tools written in written in Python ready to use. Currently the plugin supports file upload and scanning from the command line.

What are the features?

  • File Scanning - Easy functions to allow uploading o files for scanning
  • Secplugs Portal - With a registered API key you can access all the core Secplugs features via the portal.

How does it work?

The library supports all the standard Secplugs functionality allowing access to file analysis functionality and makes it easier than integrating directly with the REST APIs.

How do I get started?

To get started download the sample scripts and run them under a Python 3 environment. They will work out of the box ready for you to tailor.

To use additional features and the privacy of your own account, after registering in, login with your username and create an API key to use with the scripts. Replace the key in the samples or create new scripts using these as an example. Use can then use the Secplugs console to view activity, run reports and do deeper retrospective threat analysis.