Secplugs Chrome Extension

A Google Chrome extension to scan web sites as you browse.

A Secplugs powered Chrome extension that scans web sites as you visit them. See recent scan history, scan now or use the portal for deeper analysis.

The tool is open source so you can modify as you wish.


What is the Chrome Extension Plugin?

The Chrome Extension works from within the Chrome browser to scan web sites as you visit them.

What are the features?

  • Auto Scanning - Scan web sites as you visit them.
  • Scan Now - Scan the current website and provide a report.
  • View Scan History - Show the websites you’ve visited and the scan result
  • Secplugs Portal - With a registered API key you can access all the core Secplugs features via the portal.

How does it work?

Once installed, the plugin is notified by the browser of page requests and then sends them to Secplugs for analysis. If you ‘pin’ the extension you can see an icon that indicates status and when click shows a pop menu. The menu provides functions like ‘Scan Now’ and ‘View Scan History’.

How do I get started?

Download and install web secure directly from the Google Chrome Store Listing, post installation, surf the web as you normally would. Use the secplugs console to view activity, run reports and do deeper retrospective analysis.

To use additional features and the privacy of your own account, after registering with Secplugs, sign in with your username and create an API key You can then use the Secplugs portal to view activity, run reports and do deeper retrospective threat analysis.

Note : Google Chrome extensions are published in the Chrome Web Store, where you can download and add them directly to your browser. Any extensions you add will be saved in the right-hand corner of Chrome, allowing you easy access to their settings.