Python Kit

A Secplugs powered, pip installable Python module.

The this code is open source so you can modify as you wish.


Install from PyPi as follows

pip install secplugs-python-client

You’ll now have the python module installed ready to import and use in you code


Usage pattern is to import the library, instanciate a class and use its methods to scan objects and get the results

Scan a File

This examples illustrates usage, it uses the module to scan itself

# Import the library
import secplugs

def scan_self():
    ''' Scan the current file '''
    file_scanner = secplugs.Secplugs()
    file_name = __file__
    if file_scanner.is_clean(file_name):
        print(f'{file_name} is clean')
        print(f'{file_name} is suspicous')

# Scan this source file

Use Your Own API Key

To use additional features and the privacy of your own account, after registering with Secplugs, sign in with your username and create an API key

After creating a key, the only change to the code sample above would be

file_scanner = secplugs.Secplugs("your-api-key")

Everything else remains the same.


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