Frequently Asked Questions

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Is Secplugs secure?

Secplugs takes security very seriously and we are working on a document to be transparent about the security standards and practices we have in place to protect the service and your data.

How does the billing work?

Secplugs is a pay as you go service, so you purchase credits up front and then they are used as you use the services.

Is there any free limit? How does it work?

Secplugs has a Free Tier built in that is desgined to provide you fair use of a handful of plugins for one or two users for free.

How to get my own API key?

You create an api key via the Secplugs portal and configure it on the Plugins that you want to use it with. See How To Create A Key

Is this open source?

The majority of the Plugins are open source and we encourage users and the community to modify customise and improve them.

Can we run Secplugs on-prem?

Please contact us from the contacts page.

How do you handle data privacy?

We are working on a document to summarise but please also take a look at our security policy.

How do I make a request for a new feature?

Please contact us from the contacts page.

Why can’t I just use Virus Total?

Virus total is an excellent industry resource designed for threat researchers. However its not designed for use directly within application due to lack of privacy, licensing model and that the scanners are tuned for threat hunting and research use cases rather than automated protection usage.

How do I ensure Secplugs does not share any of my data?

Secplugs stores samples you upload for a period of time so that they can be scanned and also stores scanning results so that you can retrieve them. Its not possible to access this data directly once its uploaded and files will be deleted when no longer needed, typicall in less than 30 days.

Will Secplugs protect multi cloud and hybrid environments?

You can use Secplugs from any location, either by choosing a Plugin Type or using the REST API directly.

Is it possible to perform Secplugs scanning with GCP, AWS, Azure blob storages?

Secplugs currently doesn’t support in place scanning and the file needs to be uploaded in order for Secplugs to scan it. However we do support use of Custom Storage during that process.

Is it possible to invoke scanning from a Microsoft Power Automate flow?

Yes, ScanCloud supports scanning from Power Automate and many other environments see Plugin Gallery