About Secplugs

Secplugs is a unique security platform that allows you to customise and combine hosted security scanners and use them to protect your assets.

We provide ready-made, open source apps & plugins, Kits and an API to use the security scanners you configure in our cloud.

You can then use the Secplugs portal monitor activity, review performance and provide centralised management.

Why Secplugs?

The technology world sees a continual growth in platform diversity with more and more niche platforms, languages, environments and eco-systems.

All of these assets need to be protected from Cyber Attacks and exploit attempts.

Meanwhile the Cyber Security industry offers ever increasing set of scanning solutions.

However its not practical for them to all to invest the time to make thier technology readily available in every eco-system.

This is where Secplugs comes in. Our sweat spot is the overlap of these two ‘long tails’. Our range of Plugin Types and selection of Integrations allow you to customise for your environments and choose the best choice of scanning solution all hosted in our platform.

About The Team

Our founders are veterans of the Cyber Security industry and our combined team has over 50 years of experience in from within main stream Cyber Security companies. We feel we can offer something new and unique.

Our vision is to make it quick and easy for IT professionals to deploy customisable scanning solutions where every they are needed and be free to choose what scanning technology to apply at the flick of a switch.

Key Concepts

These are the key concepts behind the Secplugs platform.

Plugin Types

Secplugs provides a collection of open source Plugin Types for popular languages, environments, browsers, web site builders, OS’s and other tools and hooks. Our users often build on these and taylor them to thier own needs. View our Plugin Gallery


We provide a range of hosted file, email and web Integrations that you can combine and configure in our platform to provide detection and protection in your environments.

Analysis Configurations

Our portal provides configuartion, choice and combinations of scanners and makes them available to Plugin Types via Configurations